Leaders and particularly transformational  leaders  are uniquely placed to change the lives of individuals and enterprises. Good leaders are mostly successful  but great leader  are afforded the opportunity to be significant.
Terry Coyne is one of Australia’s best known Organisational Psychologists  and it is in the area of leadership that Terry has had the privilege of selecting, advising and coaching many truly significant leaders across multiple countries and cultures.
Since 1983, Terry Coyne  has worked across most facets of Australian business and sport. At Coyne Didsbury PDI, Pty Ltd (1989-2006) he and Gavin Disbury established a pre-eminent assessment and development consultancy which later incorporated CD Sports the  pioneers of  development, welfare  and education for AFL football and cricket.   At BSRP Asia Pty Ltd, Terry now works with Rob Collins  to assist companies to "lift the bar on sales performance" through the application of behavioural change interventions for sales professionals and  the  internationally developed and validated measure of Sales Call Reluctance; SPQ*Gold.